Profitable Business Idea From Waste Recycling

business idea from waste recycling

Profitable business idea from waste recycling - The amount of waste or garbage produced every day society, negative impact on the environment around them. All sorts of efforts by the government and private agencies to save the environment from waste piles of garbage that can damage the health of the community. Government programs to process all junk, it utilized some people into new business opportunities aimed at saving the environment from waste bins.With the emergence of creative business opportunities recycling of waste, can reduce the amount of waste that accumulate and provide a sizable profit for the business actors. Garbage waste produced by society, the creativity and innovation of businesses, trash waste can be recycled and converted into a new product that has a higher economic value. Organic waste such as wood, leaves, egg shells and animal bones can be recycled and processed into a variety of unique crafts or processed into compost. As for inorganic waste such as plastic, glass, rubber, and metal can be recycled into goods - a very beautiful handicrafts.


Consumer recycled products are all people. Because garbage waste products can be recycled into a variety of creative and innovative products. In addition to the general public accepted, recycling of waste products also favored the environmentalist activists.

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The rise of global warming prevention conducted various communities both nationally and internationally, encouraging citizens to participate Indonesian conduct loving environment. The number of bins used by some of those creative into profitable business opportunities. Various kinds of handicraft products such as handbags, hats, wallets, sandals, women's accessories, lampshades, lanterns, pencil box, stuffed horta, towels, vases of flowers, and many other handicraft products recycled waste products can be a lucrative business.

Gains derived from waste recycling craft business appears substantial. Even some business actors have successfully pocketed tens of millions of dollars for each month. Uniquely handmade products recycled waste was able to penetrate the export market to many countries, such as miniature tricycles craft of metal waste, dried leaves handicraft products, and egg shell carving crafts.

Therefore, you should never underestimate the waste or garbage, because of the valuable items it can not generate a turnover of tens of millions if we change with innovation and creativity. Here's how to make crafts dried leaves, which became one of the products of creative business waste recycling.

leaves recycled

The production process :

a. Drying leaves- Select the frame or leaves that have strong bones, so that the beauty of the beauty of the framework is more visible. For example, jackfruit leaves, coconut leaves, palm leaves, grass - grass, etc..- Then soak the leaves with a chemical substance. If you want to produce leaves with brown can use citric acid. If you want a colored leaves - can boil them with colorful dyes- Then the leaves - the leaves are drained, and dry in the sun to dry them under the sun- After drying, the leaves are ready to be shaped as desired.

b. Manufacture of products- The printing process begins by making a cardboard pattern on the desired shape (gift boxes, tissue boxes, picture frames, pencil boxes, etc.)- If the pattern of the product is completed, the next form of the product you want.- When the product is finished, then be plastered with leaves - leaves that have been dried. Arrange leaves in such a way, that in accordance with the pattern you want.- When finished gluing the leaves - the leaves using glue, then spread the product using leaf decorated lacquer or liquid to maintain the durability of the material- In the process, the products have been given a varnish diangin - first aired, if it is dry products ready to be packed. To keep the product from dust, you can package it using the clear plastic packaging. In order beauty products can be seen by the consumer.

business idea

Excess business

Business opportunities creative recycling of waste has many advantages, which make it easier for business people to run it. Those advantages include helping to overcome the problem of waste bins that are often faced by the community, so that this kind of business always gets the attention of environmentalists and the government. The second with a creative business can improve the local economy, with only a small capital community has been able to run this business.

Disadvantages of business 

Although the business is fairly cheap and easy, but to get the waste or garbage with good quality is still very difficult. So that the craftsmen sometimes obtain constraints in the search for raw materials. In addition the business now competition creative recycling of waste is also quite high. Because more and more recycled craft artisans who create unique and exciting products.


To help the marketing of the product, you can deposit your recyclable products in a variety of department stores, supermarkets, craft shops, souvenir shops wedding, or it could also leave him in the craft gallery. You also can market it directly by opening a kiosk or shop in downtown, such as a mall, or tourist attractions. Because of the unique and creative crafts, favored by tourists.

Furthermore, you can expand the market for recycled products introduced by attending various exhibitions are frequently held in your city. If you want to reach markets outside the region or abroad, you can also market it over the Internet. For example, marketing through online business by creating a website or a blog for that business. Market so you are not limited in any city.

The key to success

In order for your recycling business can achieve success, you should select raw materials from waste that is around you. Thus reducing the risk of difficulties in acquiring raw materials. Then continue to increase the creativity and innovation of products, so that consumers do not get bored and your products are not copied by other competitors. Besides, cultivate the image or branding the product to consumers, so consumers recognize your different products with products of other companies engaged in the same.

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