Build Bamboo House

built bamboo house
Build bamboo house - Bamboo is a plant species of grass stems and strong good enough to be used as construction in building bamboo houses, bamboo availability can also facilitate the development of this work, however, in the choice of building materials and of course there are advantages and disadvantages, the following description may be an idea of ​​building a bamboo house .
bamboo house

Excess build bamboo house
The use of bamboo as a construction material house can create a natural atmosphere and architecture that attracts so many entrepreneurs utilized a variety of restaurants to build bamboo houses that fit the theme of food and provide a comfortable atmosphere for consumers to enjoy a meal.

Life in urban areas who tend to use more modern building materials have been made ​​public in part missed the atmosphere that once existed, or missed how Susana village where halamanya first come, under those circumstances to build bamboo houses can be a means to cure homesickness modern society.

Building a bamboo house more give us the freedom to make building forms in accordance with the imagination and taste what we expect.Indonesia as a tropical country rich in natural resources makes the availability of bamboo as a raw material, thus building a bamboo house can be said to require a lower cost than the concrete.

Disadvantages of building a bamboo house
Bamboo resistance shorter period when compared to the concrete so it needs to be done prior to preservation efforts used in building bamboo houses, bamboo preservation can be done by means of immersion in advance or by way of polish with preservatives that can withstand damage from weathered bamboo, or eaten by insects.

Construction of the building is used is a short-story building, but the use of bamboo as a structural innovation storey building there should be research.The types of buildings that can be constructed using the materials of bamboo, among others :

Bamboo bridge 
Bamboo house

Various bamboo house design can be realized in building a bamboo house best.

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