How to Get White Skin Naturally

how to get white skin naturally

How to get white skin fast naturally and safe - For a career woman, has white skin probably is a must in addition to their intelligence also become a major provision in a career. But time may also not owned a lot to whiten skin, for it our blog will give you tips and how to whiten skin naturally and fast :

Use of herbal cosmetics which is deemed appropriate by the skin of your face. Because not all cosmetics that suits everyone. So, you must be careful in choosing cosmetics. It is highly advised to use herbal cosmetics because in addition to having a high effectiveness, is also safe to use because it does not have side effects
Expand the drinking water. It will keep your skin to keep it moist and healthy
If you have activity, try not directly exposed to water. Give your skin time to adapt to the room temperature. Then wash your face with soap skin cleanser to remove the dirt stuck for activities outside the home
Once a week, use a facial mask to help tighten skin pores and tighten skin
• Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables every day. Especially fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C and vitamin E are good for skin health.

In addition to tips and how to whiten skin naturally and quickly the Olips Beauty will also provide some of the ingredients that can whiten your skin. Here are the ingredients that may whiten the skin :
avocado oil

Avocado oil
For those who are lazy to remove makeup at night, avocado oil can be a solution. However, be careful and make sure clean up the remnants of oil that linger on the skin. This nutritious tea detoxifies the body and eliminate toxins in the body and whiten the color of your skin.

An effective way to lighten skin color is wash it with milk. Milk has ingredients that fight spots and brighten skin. Dip a clean cloth into the milk, and rub gently into the skin in order to whiten the skin.Milk will remove dead skin cells that cover the skin and make skin more white. Drinking milk every day also helps whiten the skin.


Chamomile flowers contain many ingredients that reduces puffiness and dark circles in the eye. Then, put on the eyes. The result will be better if you do this practice for two weeks.

lemon juice
Lemon juice
The final way to whiten skin is to mix lemon juice with egg white.

Similarly, tips and how to naturally whiten skin quickly. Tips on how to whiten skin and quickly you can find on our site. The easiest and safest way to get a pure white skin naturally healthy.

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