5 Home Decor from Recycled Materials

5 home decor from recycled materials - In the corner of your house may be saved items that are not used anymore. Why do not you recycle it? You might think that recycling was bothered that prefer to directly dispose of the goods. But you know, recycling can also save money? Continue reading to learn more. Recycling is a term used for the process of "junk" or unused items into something useful. The term is often called upcycling. The term appears in 1990 by combining the word up and recycle. The benefits of recycling is to reduce waste and reuse items you do not use. Here is the idea of recycling :

1. Recycling from used bottles

recycle bottle

2. Recycling from clothes 

recycle clothes

3.  Wallpaper from post card or photos

wallpaper recycle

4. Recycling from tire

recycle tire

5. Recycling from lamps

recycle lamps

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