How to Make a Bag From Tshirt

how to make a bag from tshirt

How to make a bag from tshirt - Plastic waste is one of the main causes of environmental damage. Plastic is difficult to be described, difficult to recycle, and can clog drains waste that can cause flooding and other crises. Given the potential dangers that may result from the plastic, reducing the use of plastic is one thing that needs to be done and needs to be custom made ​​by the whole society. How?
One way that is easy, unique, and exciting in reducing the use of plastics while creating a clean environment is a way to create your own shopping bag from recycled materials. By bringing their own shopping bags mother of the house, when shopping, either in the market or in the supermarket, she no longer need plastic bags to transport grocery items mother. In addition, recycling bags for their own mother also certainly more trendy and fashionable when compared with the usual plastic bags provided by the seller. How do I create bags trendy and environmentally friendly? Here are the steps.

bag tshirt

Prepare t-shirts
Prepare T-shirts that are not in use anymore. Select T-shirts are still good, with a unique screen printing an image and in love.

Cut the sleeves
Furthermore scissors arm section, if the t-shirt in the select t-shirts are short-sleeved or long-sleeved.Then behind the t-shirt, so that the inside of the t-shirts are now located on the outside.

Place the plate on the collar
The next step is to create a large enough hole in the collar. These holes will serve as the hole where we put stuff we buy into the bag. An easy way to make this hole is to put a plate on the collar, as well as create a trail around the plate using markers. After a precise circle then we cut

Draw a line one inch above the seam
After that, we need to draw a straight line one inch above the bottom of the t-shirt was. After making sure that the line is straight, we can begin to sew with a sewing machine. When finished stitching, our t-shirts are back to normal, and unique bag that is ready for use.

Bag from tshirt

Easy, unique, and fun is not it? Make some of these unique bags, rolls, and save it in places that are easily found as in the handbag or in the glove compartment. Accordingly, if at any time we are shopping, this unique bag can immediately use. In addition to the unique and trendy, this simple step must also be very beneficial for a clean environment around us.

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